Judges Daughter In Trump Case Worked For Kamala Harris

When asked about the judge presiding over his “hush money” case, former President Donald Trump accurately portrayed what he is up against. The DA, Alvin Bragg, is not only a Trump hater, but the judge is also. Trump said he has a Trump-hating family and a daughter who worked for Vice President Harris.

Trump addressed his supporters after the historical arrest and accused Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg of fraudulently leaking evidence. In this case, Trump says the actual crime is the leak, and charges should be brought against Bragg. 

President Trump has called for him to resign or, at the very least, face criminal charges for leaks to the press.

The former President also took issue with Alvin Bragg’s wife’s tweet, in which she claimed that the allegations would “nail” Trump. After that Tweet, Trump said, “She fully closed down her Twitter account.” 

Donald Trump declared in a statement, citing unnamed experts, that there is “no solid evidence” to indict him. After being indicted, Trump claims he was advised by his lawyers that “there’s nothing here, and they’re not even describing what you did.”

He told the crowd that “every single pundit and legal expert stated there is no case.” 

“Since they can’t beat us at the polls, they seek to do it through the judicial system,” he said.

Famed constitutional attorney and scholar Alan Dershowitz says of the three indictments Trump is now facing – the hush money case, the election tampering case in Georgia, and the classified documents case – the indictment brought forth by Bragg is the weakest.

Dershowitz says it is tantamount to a misdemeanor at best, with a ridiculously convoluted way of getting these charges to a felony, but Trump is “screwed.”

He said he could never get a fair trial in Manhattan and urged Trump to seek a change of venue to get a trial with a jury of his peers.