Josh Hawley Exposes Witness For “Stonewalling” 

( On Tuesday, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican, questioned the national Archivist candidate nominated by the Biden administration about her prominent politically biased tweets. 

Hawley grilled Dr. Colleen Shogan, the candidate, over her criticism of Republican legislators and policies in tweets during a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Tuesday. After being nominated to head the National Archives and Records Administration, Shogan locked her Twitter account, but Hawley could see a few of her tweets.  

Hawley was frustrated by Shogan’s stonewalling after consistently failing to account for her comments. 

According to Hawley, Shogun stated that her Twitter account consisted of postings about mystery books, events at the Historical Society, Pittsburgh sports, trips, and her dog.”  

Hawley began the heat by bringing attention to a February 2022 post by Shogan, in which she expressed displeasure over rescinding mask requirements for children younger than five.  

Shogan then began robotically saying that her “Twitter account was in her personal capacity.” 

Hawley reminded Shogan that she was under oath and swore she only posted about her dog, sports teams, and books. 

Once again, though, Shogan denied responsibility for the comments. Hawley continued to prod her.  

Next, Hawley brought up a tweet from Shogan advocating for a ban on assault weapons. He asked again if this was about sports and dogs. 

This repeated endlessly, with Hawley showing her examples of politically charged posts and reminding her she lied while under oath. Her only response was “my Twitter account was in my personal capacity.” 

Mr. Hawley finally told the Chairman that this was the most incredible event he had witnessed in his short time in the Senate. Never before had he seen a witness stonewall a committee and repeatedly refuse to answer questions. 

He said these are the reasons why he will vote against her nomination and why “I urge this committee to move immediately to get this witness to stop trying to mislead us.”