John Fetterman Releases Serious Health Update

( Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) declined to attend a debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz (R) next week in the fiercely contested U.S. Senate race in the Keystone State, citing ongoing health concerns resulting from a crippling stroke in May. In a statement released on Tuesday, Fetterman stated that he would decline the TV station KDKA’s invitation to participate in the debate scheduled for September 6.

After being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation five years ago, Fetterman disregarded his doctor’s instructions to take medications and alter his lifestyle to prevent a stroke. He suffered a stroke in May.

In recent weeks, Fetterman has made a few campaign appearances, during which he has occasionally had trouble speaking clearly.

He said he has been visiting different parts of the commonwealth for almost ten years to talk to voters about his plans and proposals.

“I’m happy to compare my track record and values to those of Dr. Oz any day of the week because. I’m proud of my work as mayor and lieutenant governor,” Fetterman said.

Like a pathetic martyr, Fetterman said it is pretty evident from Dr. Oz’s team statement released today that they find it amusing to make fun of stroke survivors. He said he chose not to participate in this farce, and any sense that these ‘challenges’ were done in good faith is damaged.

He said he would not be participating in a debate, but he looks forward to a fruitful dialogue about how we can go and have a sincere discussion about this once Dr. Oz and his team are prepared to take this seriously.

The Doctor Oz campaign made the following list of concessions available in exchange for John Fetterman agreeing to the debate that will take place on KDKA-TV in one week (a debate that Doctor Oz consented to without any conditions):

Doctor Oz assures John that he will never intentionally offend him.
John will be given permission to have all of his notes in front of him and an earpiece so he can receive the responses from his team in real time.

John Fetterman is always welcome to signal a bathroom break by waving his hand.

We will give him extra time to explain why second-degree murder is “not as horrible as” first-degree murder if the subject of his pardoned killers comes up.

The Oz campaign will pay for any additional medical personnel he might need on call.

In one week, KDKA will hold its inaugural debate.

However, lying leftist Fetterman has not responded, according to Brittany Yanick, communications director for Dr. Oz for Senate.

He said he’d be reasonably concerned, too, if he had to defend freeing murderers who had been convicted of their crimes and not paying taxes 67 times.