John Fetterman, Hospitalized, Is Still Being Named As A “Sponsor” On Democrat Bills

( According to a report, although Pennsylvania’s Senator John Fetterman is still receiving treatment for severe depression in the hospital, he has been recognized as co-sponsor of a measure introduced as a result of the hazardous East Palestine, Ohio, train crash. 

Members of both parties introduced the bill. 

On bill S.576, Sen. Sherrod Brown presented a measure in the Senate that would, among other things, strengthen safety rules for trains that carry hazardous commodities. The legislation has the support of Senators Fetterman, Josh Hawley, JD Vance, Marco Rubio, and Robert Casey Jr., who are all listed as co-sponsors. 

The first-time Senator checked himself into the Walter Reed medical complex in Washington, District of Columbia, on February 15 to get therapy for severe depression. He hasn’t yet exited the hospital. 

Reports show it was disclosed on February 20th that Senator Fetterman would be required to remain hospitalized for an extended time as medical professionals experiment with different drugs and doses, and the senator participates in talk therapy.  A top aide disclosed that Fetterman would be hospitalized for as long as two months. 

During Fetterman’s hospital stay,  four further measures were submitted, and he was a cosponsor on all of them. 

You can view the bills Fetterman has sponsored on the Congress.Gov website. 

Stephen Miller of The Spectator tweeted that he had questioned Fetterman’s chief of staff, Adam Jentleson, how it was possible that Fetterman was signing onto bills while hospitalized and under medical supervision.   

Miller then posted screenshots that showed Jentleson’s blocked him. 

Taxpayer-sponsored media reports that during his stay in the hospital in May of 2022, Fetterman revealed that in 2017 he had been given a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, which is a disorder related to the heart. But, he paid little attention and hadn’t been to the doctor in years. His medical team believed the issue was the root cause of his health problems.