John Durham To Finally Reveal Findings On Corrupt FBI Acts

( The “Russiagate” investigations are reportedly coming to a close as Special Counsel John Durham is prepared to admit evidence in the trial against Steele dossier source, Igor Danchenko, who is charged with five counts of lying to the FBI. The evidence will reportedly discredit allegations against then-President Donald Trump for ties to the Kremlin.

The dossier was the document that prompted operation Crossfire Hurricane, which was the codename for the Russia collusion investigation. It also led to the Mueller investigation which ultimately found no evidence that Trump had ties to Russia. Counsel John Durham was appointed in 2020 by then-Attorney General William Barr to continue the investigation, regardless of who won the election.

Durham’s report allegedly provides the opportunity to present evidence that the Justice Department began investigating the former president in 2016 without much of a case.

Danchenko was a primary source for Christopher Steele, a former British spy who compiled the falsified information from Danchenko into 17 memos that allaged that Trump had ties to the Kremlin. The dossier was then provided to the FBI, the Clinton campaign, the State Department, and numerous media outlets.

Danchenko reportedly lied to the FBI about Trump participating in “sexual activity at the Ritz-Carlton Moscow.”

“The Steele report states that ‘Source D,’ who is described as a ‘close associate’ of Trump, who had organized and managed his recent trips to Moscow, had confirmed that Trump had engaged in lurid sexual activity at the hotel,” the filing states according to The Post Millennial, adding that the Steele report also said the allegations “had been confirmed by ‘Source E,’ a senior (western) member of staff at the hotel.”

The staff that Danchenko cites, however, denies ever speaking to him. During a 2017 FBI interview, he told the FBI that had spoken with hotel management about the allegations, but then-general manager of the hotel does not recall ever meeting or speaking with Danchenko, according to Durham.

“Mr. Kuhlen also has confirmed to the Government and will testify at trial that he was the only ‘western’ member of management at the hotel in June 2016,” Durham added. “In short, the Government intends to prove at trial that the defendant falsely sought to attribute the Ritz-Carlton Allegations to Mr. Kuhlen, and, as referenced above, to Sergei Millian as part of his work on the Steele Reports that are described in the Indictment.”