Joe Rogan Says TikTok Is Spying On You And Listening To You

( While discussing TikTok’s terms of service and privacy policy on “The Joe Rogan Experience” last week, host Joe Rogan warned Americans that using the Chinese social media platform will increase the likelihood that their data will end up in the hands of the Communist Chinese.

Rogan told his guest, comedian Theo Von, that he “went down a TikTok rabbit hole” the day before, reading its terms of service. Calling it “so crazy,” Rogan read a section from TikTok’s privacy policy that stated the platform collects “certain information about the device you use to access the platform,” including a user’s IP address, user agent, mobile carrier, and region ostensibly for “advertising purposes.”

In other words, Rogan explained, TikTok has access to your apps and anything you “filed away on your phone.”

He warned that TikTok monitors keystrokes, meaning “they know every f*cking thing you type.”

On top of that, Rogan added, TikTok can get information on “battery state, audio settings, and connected audio devices,” which means the company can connect to other devices even if you don’t use them to log onto TikTok.

“That’s what you’re agreeing to when you download and start using TikTok,” Rogan warned.

Von interjected, “Just tell me how it ends, man,” prompting Rogan to say it ends “with China having all of your data.”

Watch HERE.