Joe Rogan Calls Justin Trudeau A “F***ing Dictator”

( During an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” last week, host Joe Rogan lit into Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over his handling of COVID, calling him a “f*cking dictator.”

In his Thursday interview with comedian Tom Segura, Rogan and Segura began discussing Trudeau.

Rogan said before the COVID pandemic, he liked Trudeau, saying he was “a handsome guy” who was “confident” and a “good talker.”

But then, during the pandemic, Rogan realized Trudeau was “a f*cking dictator.” He blasted the leftist prime minister for shutting down his critics with accusations of racism and misogyny.

Now Rogan thinks Trudeau is “gross.”

“He’s a sketchy guy” with some “shaky f*cking deals,” Rogan said.

He wanted to know why Trudeau expects everyone “to get injected every four months,” adding that people don’t need to do that anymore.

But Joe Rogan is a bipartisan critic.

During the same podcast, Rogan and Segura turned their attention to former President Donald Trump, with Rogan calling Trump a “man-baby” and Segura suggesting Trump was hopped up on Adderall.

Rogan also said he had heard that they would put Trump’s name in his daily briefing reports to keep Trump interested.