Joe Rogan Asks If Clinton Did Same Thing They’re Trying To Charge Trump With 

( According to Joe Rogan, the reason for former President Donald Trump’s indictment and potential prosecution is because “they simply don’t want him president again.”  

Wednesday’s The Joe Rogan Experience episode included an interview with MMA fighter Jorge Masvida. While MMA was the primary focus of their chat, socialism, finances, and of course, Trump were all brought up. 

Masvidal said the current attempts to harm President Trump were “f*cking insane, dude.” 

Rogan said they’re talking about indicting him for paying a woman to stop talking about them having a one-night-stand. To him, it looked like a “fair deal.” 

Rogan reminded the listeners that President Clinton was guilty of this.  He remembered that John Edwards faced the consequences for the same, albeit he wasn’t imprisoned or incarcerated.  

That’s the one he got caught in,” Masvidal is said to have said of Clinton. He pondered about how much more crap we are utterly clueless about. 

He wondered why there wasn’t much info about Bill Clinton aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s charter jet to Pedo Island. 

Rogan noted that Clinton had boarded the plane 26 times, calling it “many instances.” 

According to Masvidal, this is how you may evaluate Trump’s accomplishments. The one person fighting on our side is doing it because they care about the people. They have decided to execute him by nailing him to a cross, and they have made it very apparent that they do not want him to seek reelection as president. 

Beginning with the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop, Rogan and Masvidal analyzed the many scandals that have dogged the Biden family. 

Rogan said tweets about the laptop were deleted, while liberals kept saying there’s no real basis for it. It was a bit contradictory. 

As their conversation continued, the issue of the crisis in Ukraine inevitably came up. 

Rogan called it “f*cking horrific.” 

He said since the left has always spoken against war, the possibility that they are behind this and supporting it fills him with fear.