Joe Manchin Refuses to Say He Supports Democrats Winning Midterms

( Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and the Democratic party’s tense relationship may have temporarily thawed. Despite this week’s reconciliation bill deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Manchin is now sure to draw the ire of his party and the admiration of moderates due to his most recent remarks on the 2022 race.

During a sharp questioning from NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday’s episode of Meet the Press, the West Virginia senator declined to admit that he wanted his party to win the midterm elections.

“Do you want the House and Senate to remain under Democratic control?” Todd asked.

Manchin said he believes people are sick and tired of politics. They’re probably weary of seeing Democrats and Republicans argue, quarrel, and hold up legislation because they didn’t get their way, or they are worried that someone may receive credit for something.

Manchin asked, “Why don’t we start making a difference for our nation?” ”Why don’t we just state that this benefits America?”

Good administration, in Manchin’s opinion, is the most exemplary politics.

Todd clarified that he wanted Manchin to predict his party’s chances in the next elections rather than consulting a crystal ball.

He asked again, “Do you favor maintaining Democratic control over both the US Senate and the US House of Representatives?”

However, Manchin twisted himself up once more to evade the query.

The senator remarked that he’s not making any judgments on that. He’s going to make the most of what he has. He said he thinks the Democratic candidates running are excellent. He’s worked with nice folks in the past. And he values his relationships with his Republican colleagues very highly. He can work on either side as a result.

Todd tried one last time to elicit a reaction.

“You don’t care about the election results this year, do you?”

Manchin once more ducked the question by saying, “Whatever the voters decide.”

He said he’s unable to predict what will occur in Kansas, California, or Texas. He’s always believed that anyone acting on his behalf, he respects that person.

“I also respect the state for the representatives they send, and I do all in my power to cooperate with them and advance my nation,” Manchin said.

When asked about his backing for the President in a separate interview with ABC’s Jonathan Karl, Manchin also stumbled.

“Will you support Biden if your party renominates him?” Karl queried.

The problem, according to Manchin, is that everyone is anxious about the upcoming elections.

Jonathan Karl kept himself from eye-rolling Manchin’s deflection