Joe Biden’s Twitter Made A Grave Mistake Talking About Baby Formula Shortage

( Over the weekend, a military flight transported about 70,000 pounds of baby formula from Germany into the United States as part of the Biden Administration’s “Operation Fly Formula.”

It really should’ve been called Operation Photo-Op. In the same way Biden releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was just a drop in the bucket and did nothing to solve the problem the Biden administration caused at the gas pump, airlifting 70,000 pounds of formula from Germany is just a drop in the bucket that will do nothing to solve the problem the Biden administration caused that led to the formula shortage in the first place.

But the purpose of Operation Fly Formula isn’t to solve the problem of the formula shortage; it’s to solve the optics problem of the Biden administration’s incompetence and failure to swiftly act.

This is why the White House couldn’t stop bragging about the weekend’s “airlift.” They even created a slick promotional video, complete with a musical soundtrack to boast about it.

Did nobody in the White House stop to consider how bad this looks?

America was supposed to be “back.” That’s what Biden repeatedly told us after he was elected, “America is back” and our allies respect us again.

But how much respect does America earn when the White House has to beg our allies for food to keep America’s babies from starving? Is “America back” when we have to get humanitarian aid from Germany?

And because this White House is populated by deeply incompetent people, President Biden’s official Twitter account couldn’t even get the facts straight when boasting about Operation Third World Country.

In a tweet Sunday morning, @POTUS proudly bragged that the first airlift for Operation Fly Formula was loaded with “more than 70,000 tons” of baby formula.


Seventy-thousand TONS? That’s 140 million pounds. Is there a cargo plane big enough to transport 140 million pounds?

Reporter Steve Krakauer grabbed a screen capture of the bungled tweet before the White House staffer in charge of the @POTUS account deleted it.

These people aren’t the brightest stars in the firmament.

But hey. At least they got their photo-op.