Joe Biden’s Motorcade Gets Mobbed

( President Joe Biden and his motorcade were surrounded by crowds in London as he made his way to the Queen’s funeral on September 19. The president and the First Lady reportedly arrived in the U.K. two days prior ahead of the ceremony.

Many leaders were attending the funeral were told not to use their private jets and cars, but an exception had been granted to the President of the United States. He was allowed to fly in on Stansted Airport in his Air Force One jet, as well as ride in the armored Cadillac, known as “The Beast.”

Once arriving at the funeral, of the 500 leaders that attended, the President of the United States was seated 14 rows back in the nosebleeds. The Post reports that the terrible seating could have been caused by the Bidens arriving late after getting stuck in standstill traffic.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was reportedly one of many leaders that were driven in on shuttle busses due to tight security and road restriction in London.

Footage showed Biden getting stuck in London traffic while surrounded by a crowd of onlookers, many of whom recorded the motorcade going by. Most police officers were also on standby. The scene caused a stir on social media, with one commenting, “So much for going green lol,” and another saying, “Joe Biden must think it’s a state visit.”

During the visit, the Bidens posed for a photo op as they signed the Queen’s official Condolence Book. “We first met the Queen in 1982,” Biden tweeted, “and will always remember her kindness and hospitality. Her legacy will loom large in the pages of British history, and in the story of our world.”

The Queen was buried on the grounds of Windsor Castle Royal Vault next to her late-husband Prince Philip. He was initially buried at Royal Vault at St George’s Chapel until he was moved to lay next to his wife of 73 years.