Joe Biden Surrenders On Masking On Planes After Defeat

( Despite his administration’s failed attempt to prolong the mask mandate, President Joe Biden stated it was up to individual passengers to determine whether or not to wear a mask on a plane.

A reporter asked Biden if he thought people should continue to wear masks on airlines after a federal court ruled against the mandate extension during a trip to New Hampshire; Biden quickly said, “That’s up to them.”
When asked if he would appeal the decision, Biden said he Hadn’t spoken with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and needed to consult them.
Despite a federal judge’s decision on Monday to reject the mask rule, the president elected to wear one aboard Air Force One on Tuesday. Despite the Transportation Security Administration’s announcement that mask restrictions will no longer be enforced, the White House demanded reporters and employees flying with Biden to wear masks.
Following the news, videos and photographs of joyful air travelers appeared on social media as they removed their masks and welcomed the return to normalcy despite reports of Covid infections.
Biden’s reaction differed significantly from White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who told reporters on Tuesday that the images showing passengers rejoicing were anecdotal and that “anecdotes are not data.”
Psaki believes that there are still many individuals who want masks in this nation.
The Biden administration attempted to extend the mask mandate for airlines and public transportation until May 3, citing the need for additional time to evaluate the “facts” and “science” behind new coronavirus types.
Biden has been a vocal supporter of the government adopting masking regulations throughout the coronavirus outbreak, lecturing Americans who complained about wearing a mask and calling it a patriotic responsibility.
He remarked in January that wearing masks is part of your patriotic duty, though he confessed that they are not that pleasant and “a pain in the neck” to wear.
Biden admitted that approximately one-third of Americans say they don’t ever wear a mask. He urged Americans to continue to wear masks, warning of future variants.
Biden then offered a controversial scientific caution, saying he understands that we all hope we could eventually be free of wearing masks, but they are a beneficial instrument for preventing the spread of omicron variants, particularly a highly transmittable omicron.
Is that true?