Joe Biden Snaps At CNN Host For Asking “Wrong” Questions

( President Joe Biden got so used to the easy questions from the press during his 2020 presidential campaign that he’s losing his temper with journalists who realize now that he’s no good at the job.

Recently, when NBC’s Nightly News host Lester Holt asked the president about the rapidly rising inflation affecting American workers, Biden got angry and criticized him for asking the wrong questions.

The interview aired on Super Bowl Sunday and revealed just how sensitive the president is about his poor performance handling the economy so far.

Holt noted how Biden claimed in July that inflation would only be temporary, and said that many Americans are wondering what his definition of “temporary” is. It comes as the Labor Department announces that American workers effectively saw a pay cut this January, with inflation rising quicker than real wage growth.

“Well, you’re being a wise guy with me a little bit,” Biden said to Holt.

He was? Imagine how badly Biden would handle the questioning Trump used to get.

“I understand that’s your job, but look at the time what happened was the…let’s look at the reasons for the inflation,” he said.

Biden went on to explain how supply chains were “cut off,” stopping products and computer chips from being imported.

He then explained that he is now trying to resolve the computer chip shortage by investing in new initiatives to manufacture them domestically – but that doesn’t solve the problem of food, consumer goods, and gas prices increasing rapidly. Biden had absolutely nothing to say about that.

Holt asked him again:

“When can Americans expect some relief from this soaring inflation?”

It prompted the president to say that 14 Nobel laureates had contacted him to say that it would likely “taper off” throughout the rest of the year.

And while it sounds look good news, he didn’t offer any indication of inflation going down. It means that these high prices are probably here to stay.

What justification does the president have for getting angry at such a fair question? Didn’t he claim to be on the side of the average American worker?