Joe Biden Meets With Israeli President, Sounds Incoherent While Staring at Floor

Video from Tuesday shows President Joe Biden mumbling and staring at the floor during an awkward conversation with Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

Biden and Herzog met at the White House, and Biden said that the US brought Palestinians and Israelis together on a political level…. and… uh… uh, ah… uh. Then he looked down and said something in a mumbled way. Biden spoke in a low voice and slurred his words, making it difficult to comprehend what he said, but Herzog seemed to grasp something out of it and answered, “Yes.”

The meeting symbolized the continued U.S. support for Israel 75 years after the establishment of the Jewish state.

A report shows that when he welcomed Israeli President Isaac Herzog to the Oval Office this week, President Biden relied largely on his notes.  During much of his almost one minute of public comments before the media was kicked out from the room, Biden read off cards with notes on his lap instead of looking at Herzog in the face.

Biden, who is 80 years old, then detailed a few of his administration’s claimed achievements, such as approving a maritime boundary agreement with Israel and Lebanon and supporting the choices of Saudi Arabia and Oman to allow Israeli planes over their land.

Biden struggled to name the two places in which Israeli and Palestinian officials recently met with the assistance of the United States and other Middle Eastern nations. Biden stumbled over the names  Jordan, Aqaba, and Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Video reports show Biden’s sluggishness has occurred before. Biden had a similar lapse in 2022 during an appearance with MSNBC when his head began to droop, and he seemed to be falling into a stupor.

Biden often suddenly gets weary and confused. Despite his denials, it’s visible to the public. He may not be fit enough to be President of the United States.