Joe Biden Colluded With National Archives, Report Finds

( After documents were found in Joe Biden’s old office at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, the National Archives arranged with the president’s attorneys to have them transferred from their Boston law office to the National Archives, according to emails obtained through a FOIA request.

The Associated Press and other outlets obtained over 70 pages of emails between National Archives officials and lawyers for the president that provide more detail about the initial discovery of classified records found in Biden’s possession.

In an email dated November 7, 2022, National Archives General Counsel Gary Stern told lawyers Patrick Moore and Bob Bauer to make sure the boxes removed from the Penn Biden Center were stored in a locked, secure location in their Boston law office that would not be “accessed by anyone.”

Moore reportedly took the documents from the Penn Biden Center to his Boston law office before the classified documents were discovered. However, it is unclear from the emails if the classified records were among those transferred to Moore’s office in Boston.

In a November 8 email, Gary Stern wrote to Moore and Bauer to arrange for the boxes to be transferred from their law office to the JFK library the following day. Moore replied that he was in Washington but would have his colleague facilitate the transfer of the documents.

The classified documents were initially discovered among the Penn Biden Center records on November 2. However, the Biden administration did not publicly disclose the discovery until January.

Another set of classified documents was discovered in the garage of Biden’s Wilmington home on December 20. The White House didn’t disclose that until January 12.

CNN reported this week that there had been two searches of Biden’s records housed at the University of Delaware that were previously unknown.

According to CNN, on two separate days in recent weeks, the FBI searched two locations at the University of Delaware and retrieved some materials which are being reviewed by the FBI. However, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN that the materials retrieved do not appear to contain classified markings.

According to the source, the searches were conducted with the cooperation and consent of the president’s lawyers.