Joe Biden Accused Of Phone Convos With Hunter During Business Meetings

Hunter Biden’s former business partner is set to testify that Hunter contacted his dad Joe Biden at least 24 times during business meetings with customers while his dad was in office as Vice President. It would seem the walls are closing in on Joe Biden. 

Joe Biden lied to the American people during the second presidential debate 2020, calling the Hunter Biden laptop tale a “Russian plant.” Joe Biden understood this to be untrue and that Hunter worked for the family to broker multimillion-dollar pay-to-play transactions worldwide.

Another potential witness against the Biden family is Devon Archer. Archer and another business associate, Tony Bobulinski, had stated that when they met with Hunter’s business partners, Joe Biden greeted them briefly and provided platitudes, sometimes even knowing their spouse’s and kid’s names, indicating that Hunter had briefed his father beforehand.

The White House has been confident that Joe Biden had no role in his wayward son’s financial dealings, but Archer’s testimony will cast doubt on that claim.

Former Vice President and current President Joe Biden talked with Hunter’s partners about the Ukrainian energy company Burisma in December 2015. While in Dubai, Hunter informed his other Burisma board members that they could call and talk with his father directly. While everyone gathered around the phone, Hunter informed Joe that the Ukrainian businesspeople ‘need our support’ and introduced his father to Mykola Zlochevsky, the owner of Burisma, and Vadym Pozharskyi, a top executive at Burisma.

Archer will presumably claim that Joe Biden’s greeting call to the two businessmen was quick and uninformative, but it still is proof of Biden’s lies. 

Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, two IRS whistleblowers who testified before the committee last week, said that Hunter Biden received special treatment from the Department of Justice. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a fiery Republican congresswoman, caused a stir on Wednesday when she showed the committee pornographic photos of Hunter Biden that he had taken with prostitutes.

Before her time interviewing IRS whistleblowers, the Georgia representative warned parents watching at home that ‘discretion is suggested.’ 

Fox News and other cable networks broadcasting the hearing also carried the unexpected and humiliating moment.