Jodie Foster Hid True Identity From Her Children

Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster did not tell her kids about her celebrity status. The 62-year-old Los Angeles native said she didn’t want her children to see her as anything but their mother and kept her major film roles secret. Speaking during an appearance on The View, Foster said, “I just didn’t want them to be confused about what I did for a living.”

Jodie Foster shares two sons, aged 22 and 25, with her former partner Cydney Bernard. When one of the boys was three years old, Foster took him to work with her on a film set, where she gave him a toy tool belt to play with. “For a really long time, he thought I was a construction worker,” she said.

Even though they are now adults, there are still movies the actress doesn’t want them to see, such as her 1994 hit Nell, in which she plays a recluse who is unable to communicate. She said her children had already teased her about it, even though they had never watched it.

A childhood star, Jodie Foster’s career spans many decades and took off after she starred as a child prostitute alongside Robert DeNiro in the 1970s gritty thriller Taxi Driver. She won her first Best Actress Academy Award in the 1980s for her portrayal of gang rape victim Sarah Tobias in the harrowing drama The Accused. Foster won a second Best Actress gong for her role as FBI rookie Clarice Starling in The Silence of the Lambs.

The acting icon recently complained about the so-called “Generation Z,” saying they are “annoying” and hard to work with. Foster argued that many young people lack sufficient work ethic, and English language standards have dropped. Offering advice to younger actors, she said they “need to learn to relax” and to “come up with something that’s theirs.”

“Generation Z” usually refers to people born between the late 1990s and early 2010s.