Jimmy Kimmel Attacks Black GOP Candidate, Calling Him “Dumb”

(PresidentialHill.com)- Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the late-night comedy show on ABC, continued his obsession with Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker (R) on Wednesday’s show, mocking Walker as both dumb and unintelligible — a theme that has been repeated throughout Kimmel’s frequent diatribes against the former NFL star.

The most recent attack on Walker by Jimmy Kimmel comes when Georgia is preparing for a runoff election between its candidates for the Senate. On Tuesday, neither of Georgia’s candidates received more than 50 percent of the vote. In the heatedly contested election that has the potential to change the makeup of the United States Senate, Walker is aiming to oust the Democratic incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock.

During the episode that aired on Wednesday, Kimmel criticized Walker for taking advantage of the upcoming runoff election. “Runoff” is also what Herschel Walker does when one of his kids shows up with a DNA kit, the comic continued, referring to the personal scandals that Herschel Walker experienced leading up to the election.

Kimmel also insinuated that Walker is too stupid to comprehend elementary mathematics when he stated that the candidate is unaware of how to compare percentages in an election. “Imagine being the staff member responsible for explaining that one,“ Kimmel quipped.

After that, he proceeded to broadcast a series of edited videos of Walker addressing his supporters, during which he referred to the candidate as “unintelligible.”

A smarmy Jimmy Kimmel summed it up by saying, “Clearly a gift from the comic gods.”

Senator-elect John Fetterman (D-PA), whose public alarming gaffes and unintelligible speech frequently marred appearances and interviews leading up to Tuesday’s midterm election, has never been called “unintelligible” by Jimmy Kimmel.

As reported by Breitbart News, Kimmel recently claimed that his relentless bashing of Donald Trump and conservatives has cost him “half of my followers — maybe more than that.”

When will someone cancel Kimmel for his misogynist behavior on The Man Show and for donning blackface to get laughs?

Kimmel’s presence undermines the authenticity of the “woke movement.” His survival highlights that being “woke” is simply a means to attack the right as the left commits the same “unacceptable” behavior.