Jim Jordan Says FBI Is Likely Implicated

(PresidentialHill.com)- Representative Jim Jordan, the Republican incoming chair of the House Judiciary Committee, is turning up the heat on investigations his panel will likely start once the new Congress takes over starting in early January.

Recently, Jordan renewed his calls that James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, and John Brennan, the former director of the CIA, provide documentation related to a claim they made in October of 2020 that information stored on the laptop of Hunter Biden was Russian disinformation.

Last Thursday, Jordan tweeted copies of those letters and added the comment:

“James Clapper & John Brennan are on notice.”

Jordan said he was also seeking information and documents from other officials at the FBI pertaining to various whistleblower complaints claiming the agency was engaged in a “purge” of many employees at the FBI who held conservative views.

Back in September, Jordan wrote a letter recently to the FBI’s executive assistant director of its Human Resources branch, Jennifer Moore, about these complaints. That letter read:

“Recently, we received information suggesting you have retaliated against at least one whistleblower who has made protected disclosures to Congress. As we informed Director Christopher Wray, we take whistleblower retaliation seriously and we therefore require that you appear for a transcribed interview as soon as possible.”

What Jordan said he is requesting is the people to voluntarily disclose the information that he’s seeking. He added, though, that if need be, he’d be open to a “compulsory process if necessary.”

It’s been reported that Jill Tyson, the FBI assistant director of the Office of Congressional Affairs, wrote to Jordan back on November 29. He’s still apparently seeking to get information from Moore, though.

CNN reported that Tyson’s letter to Jordan reads:

“It is important to emphasize that allegations against one or a very small number of employees do not reflect a widespread political bias or a lack of objectivity by the FBI’s 38,000 employees who perform their jobs objectively, rigorously and with professionalism. Nor do such allegations fairly call into question the FBI’s motivations and actions to fulfill its mission, which reflect the collective judgment and effort of our workforce.”

Jordan said he was also considering send a subpoena to Jill Sanborn because she canceled an appearance that was scheduled for last Friday to give a transcribed interview to the House Judiciary Committee. Sanborn is the former executive assistant director for the National Security Branch of the FBI.

Some whistleblowers claimed Sanborn pressured agents at the FBI to attach labels to some cases as “violent domestic extremism,” even if they didn’t match the definition the government sets for that classification.

In writing to Sanborn following her cancellation of the interview, Jordan wrote:

“Your decision leaves us little choice but to consider compulsory process to obtain your testimony early in the 118th Congress.”

Jordan was referring to the fact that he and his Republican counterparts will have full subpoena power once they officially take control of the House starting in the New Year.