Jim Acosta Loses It Over Justice Alito’s Speech

(PresidentialHill.com)- In a speech at Notre Dame Law School last week, Justice Samuel Alito took a few good-natured pokes at the foreign leaders who condemned the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

At one point, he cited former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson as one of those world leaders, adding “he paid the price,” prompting laughter from the audience.

(Johnson was forced to resign from office.)

Alito also sarcastically described how “wounded” he was that the wayward Prince Harry attacked the Roe decision in an address at the United Nations.

In short, Alito gave a speech that included humorous remarks, something all public speakers are known to do.

But Leftists are deeply humorless people.

For committing the sin of telling a few jokes, Justice Alito incurred the wrath of the American corporate news media’s most famous humorless pearl-clutcher, CNN’s Jim Acosta.

During his low-rated weekend show last week, Acosta and his guest CNN’s Fareed Zakaria took turns clutching their pearls and “well-I-nevering” themselves into a lather over Alito’s remarks.

Acosta was beside himself that Justice Alito was “needling the critics,” adding that Alito had some nerve making jokes about “what is a serious situation here in the US.”

It used to be considered a good thing when people could find humor in adversity.

But not anymore.

Now, nobody is allowed to “make light” of something serious because, as Acosta put it, you might make someone “justifiably outraged.”

Zakaria piped in to claim Alito adding humor to a speech damages the “legitimacy” of the Supreme Court.

Good grief, get a sense of humor, Fareed.

Zakaria also thinks Alito should be disciplined by Chief Justice Roberts for possessing a sense of humor.

These people are beyond hope: