Jill Stein Reveals Democrats’ Plan Mitigate Third-Party Candidates  

Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein has highlighted a Democrat job advert for a staffer to infiltrate third parties and try to scupper them. Stein posted a screenshot on her Twitter account, saying the Democrats had since deleted the ad, but not before she obtained a digital copy. 

The advertisement sought a “Third Party and Independent Project Manager” to gather “on-the-ground intel” about third-party opponents. Stein accused Democrats of trying to infiltrate their competition and “find ways to take them off the ballot.” She wondered if this was the Democrats’ idea of “saving democracy.” The Green candidate used the opportunity to encourage voters to help ensure she makes it onto as many ballots as possible. 

Analysts speculate that the Democrats are more worried about third-party candidates than Republicans, as some polls indicate that they harm Biden more than Trump. According to surveys over the past three months, Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy is hurting President Biden in crucial battleground states. In separate polls, however, the opposite result emerges, prompting Donald Trump to reach out to the Libertarian Party recently and seek their nomination. 

In one survey, for instance, Trump came ahead of Biden by 46% to 44% in a head-to-head contest. When Kennedy was added to the list, Trump’s advantage fell to just 0.4%. Several other surveys produced similar results, and analysts suggest that this motivated Trump to make history and become the first major party candidate to attend a third-party conference.

Trump spoke at the Libertarian Party annual convention in Washington, DC, on May 25 and urged them to unite with Republicans and rid America of the “worst president in history.” Mr. Trump faced hostility from a crowd that had heard from Robert Kennedy the previous day. Reports indicate that pro and anti-Trump attendees clashed at the event to which President Biden was invited but declined. 

The former President won support, however, when he pledged to place a libertarian in his cabinet and several in senior positions.