Jill Biden Appears on Cover of Beauty Magazine Vogue

Over the last several years, the state of American society, politics and cultural affairs has deteriorated markedly. Since the 2016 presidential election and the upset victory of the business real estate and entrepreneurial mogul from New York City Donald Trump over the democratic challenger Hillary Clinton the state of American politics has completely shifted. While political polarization and tension has been rising slowly for a while, Trump’s victory threw everything into uncertainty and the fissure and divide within the country was greatly exacerbated. In 2020, the former vice president under Barack Obama, Joe Biden defeated Trump in a closely contested election at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensured that Trump’s first term in office would not be followed up with a second consecutive term. 

The massive waves of illegal migration that have soared towards the national southern border and into the nation since President Biden’s term began are unprecedented in the history of America. People are predominantly arriving from south America, but in truth, individuals from all over the world are flooding into the nation through the porous southern border. Recently, two Iranian nationals were apprehended at the southern border who had been placed on the American “watch list” for terrorists. Things are truly troublesome.

As America remains embroiled in political and fiscal turmoil, the nation continues to process the results of the recently occurred first presidential debate. The incumbent president Joe Biden appeared incoherent and inept while debating his challenger Donald Trump, and many Democrats have called for him to step down and for a new candidate to be chosen. At a time of crisis, the first lady, Jill Biden, was featured on the cover of Vogue fashion magazine. Ultimately, while many on the left may try to use the first lady as an appeal, Biden must right the ship himself, step down, or his party may face defeat in November. Time will tell what eventually occurs.