Jesse Waters Roasts CNN

( Last week, The Five co-host Jesse Watters took CNN anchor Pamela Brown to task for not pushing back against a guest who claimed that property destruction isn’t violence.

Last Saturday on “CNN Newsroom,” “freelance journalist” David Peisner told Brown that the Antifa rioters who were attacking the Atlanta Police Foundation and other downtown businesses as well as using “explosives” to set police cars ablaze weren’t committing “violence.”

He claimed that using the word “violence” to describe such violent acts is “blurring the lines,” asking if it is proper to use the word “violence” to describe “property destruction.”

Peisner conceded that some may believe that property destruction is violence, but he argued that equating property destruction to “actual violence against humans” is “kind of a dangerous and slippery concept.”

He scolded Brown for continually using the word, “violent” to describe the rioting, adding that the only violent acts he saw being committed were when police officers tackled protesters. He also claimed that destruction was being done by a “small group” of people.

During Fox News’s “The Five” last week, Watters said CNN didn’t just make a mistake by not pushing back on Peisner’s remarks. He said the network went out of its way to book a “no-name freelance reporter” who had been “embedded with the tree-hugging Antifa members” for weeks.

Watters said CNN let Peisner on to repeat the same things he writes about Antifa without bothering to “challenge him.” He said as the anchor, Pamela Brown can’t just let Peisner come on the show without challenging him and then “pretend to be fair.”

When liberal co-host Jessica Tarlov argued that Antifa is not a structured group, Watters hit back, pointing out that the Antifa rioters arrested in Atlanta were from out of state. He said they crossed state lines, committed violence, and then got bailed out. He said that doesn’t sound like they are “loosely affiliated,” instead it “sounds like a national action.”

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