Jen Psaki Tells Reporter To “Dial It Back” After Question About Dead Soldier

( Last Friday, Texas National Guardsman Specialist Bishop Evans leaped into the Rio Grande to rescue two migrants. They survived. Evans perished after being carried away by the high currents. His corpse was found Monday after a three-day search.

The Texas Military Department stated Saturday that Evans sought to help two migrants involved in criminal transnational drugs trafficking.

A reporter asked about Evans’ death during Jen Psaki’s Monday afternoon White House briefing.

The reporter said that Bishop Evans, a 22-year-old National Guard Specialist, perished. while trying to save two migrants. He asked if Psaki wanted to comment.

“Yes. Thank you,” Psaki said. A few hours ago, it was confirmed that his body had been located. Of course, our hearts go out to his family and loved ones. We know that every day, National Guard members like him put their lives to serve and protect others. Again, our sympathies to his family. I don’t have any updates on the President’s outreach at the time, but if I can update you on that, I will.

Persisting, the reporter reminded Psaki that he died while trying to help two migrants transporting narcotics. He asked if the White House feels any responsibility for his death.

Psaki said that, of course, we grieve his loss and thank every National Guardsman for their service. The National Guard operated for the states; therefore, he was employed by the Texas National Guard, and his activities and operations were directed by the state, not the federal government.

Psaki deflected by saying they’ve said our immigration system is flawed for years, and we need to invest more in better security and a more efficient asylum processing system. And we would appreciate any elected officials working with us on that.
The reporter said that when Title 42 is abolished next month, the stream of migrants would only rise.

Then Psaki went there. She blamed Trump.

Psaki said if we just go back a few years, you could see what they inherited.

The President advocated investing in better border security on his first day in office, Psaki claimed. She said Biden would be pleased to engage with governors on the topic. The talk can take place whenever they’re ready.

It’s incredible that Psaki had the audacity to say that. Even the most progressive reporters in the briefing room knew Trump had implemented successful initiatives.

During Biden’s first months in office, thousands of illegal immigrants poured through our newly opened southern border. After a year, the harm done to our once magnificent country begins to show.

The porous border has let criminals into the US, contributing to rising crime rates.

Providing food, shelter, and medical treatment for these people has been costly.

The narcotics flowing across the border are killing young Americans. US Customs and Border Patrol revealed early in January that fentanyl seizures climbed by 1,066%, and cocaine seizures increased by 98% in the fiscal year ending September 30.

How much fentanyl and other narcotics got in unnoticed?

According to Fox News, fentanyl overdoses are now the top cause of mortality among Americans aged 18-45.

A government’s most basic duty is to protect its population and maintain peace and order.

Biden ignores both.

Bishop Evans would still be alive today if the Biden administration had not ignored the rule of law.