Jen Psaki Erupts At Fox Reporter For Suggesting Putin Is Toying With U.S.

( During a press briefing last week, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy brought up a campaign video Joe Biden made in 2019 where he claimed Vladimir Putin didn’t want him to be president because he knows his days of trying to intimidate the United States and Eastern Europe “are over.”

Doocy was referring to this:

Ouch. That video did not age well, did it?

Doocy said to press secretary Jen Psaki that it’s been two and a half years since Biden said that and Vladimir Putin is still intimidating the United States and Eastern Europe, asking Psaki “What happened?”

Nothing throws Jen Psaki off her game faster than having to explain away poorly-aged comments from her boss.

Psaki told Doocy that she would “hardly put it that way.”

Then, she completely ignored how badly that video aged by giving an answer from an alternative universe.

Psaki said “actually,” President Biden “has rallied the world.” He “rallied Europe” to stand up to Vladimir Putin.

Psaki made this outlandish claim just one day after Russia sent troops into Donetsk and Luhansk, and two days before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began.

But Doocy persisted, asking Psaki if she thinks the people who are “totally strapped for cash right now” aren’t intimidated by the high price of gas.

Psaki snapped back that Doocy had asked if the United States was intimidated by Putin “and I think the evidence of that doesn’t exist.”