Jay Leno Refused Painkillers

(PresidentialHill.com)- Former Tonight Show host Jay Leno was discharged from the hospital Monday after spending ten days at the Grossman Burn Center where he underwent multiple surgeries for third-degree burns to his face and hands from a fire in his Burbank garage.

The Burbank Fire Department responded to the “emergency medical call” at 12:28 pm on Saturday, November 12 where Leno suffered “significant burns to his face and hands” as well as scarring to his chest when a fire broke out while he was working underneath one of his many vehicles.

In a statement shortly after the incident, Leno said he had been burned in a gasoline fire.

Dr. Peter Grossman told Fox News that he was “pleased” with the progress Leno has made and is confident he will make a full recovery.

The Grossman Burn Center said in a statement Leno wanted everyone to know “how thankful he is for the care he received” and thanked them for all their get-well wishes. According to the statement, Leno looks forward to spending Thanksgiving with friends and family.

During his stay at the burn center, Leno had at least two surgeries, including a “surgical excision and grafting procedure.” He also required time in the hyperbaric chamber to improve blood flow and decrease bacteria.

Actor Tim Allen, a close friend of the former “Tonight Show” host, visited Leno during his recovery, later tweeting that he brought Leno some “treats and car magazines.” In his tweet, Allen noted that despite his severe burns, the former Tonight Show host acted “like he just stubbed his toe.”

During an appearance on the “Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon after Leno’s release, Allen revealed that Jay Leno refused to take painkillers after his accident, jokingly comparing his friend to the comic book character Deadpool who “couldn’t feel pain,”

Shortly after the accident, Allen received a phone call from one of Leno’s mechanics informing him what happened. A few minutes later, Leno spoke with Allen on the phone, telling him he had third-degree burns on his hands and face.

Allen told Fallon that he asked Leno how he was doing “right now,” to which Leno jokingly said, “I’m holding the phone. It’s really painful.” But Leno told Allen that he wasn’t taking anything for the pain because “pain is there for a reason.”