Israel Sends Warning To Lebanon As Hostilities Skyrocket

Despite the escalation of hostilities on Sunday, Israel said it was prepared to create calm on the Lebanese front. A cross-border rocket strike by Hezbollah harmed civilians, while Israeli aircraft struck targets linked to the Iranian-backed militia.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the Israeli military’s official spokesman, has called Hezbollah “the protector of Hamas-ISIS.” This was about the deadly Gaza War that began on October 7 when a Palestinian group attacked Israel.

With a greater rocket arsenal than Hamas, Hezbollah has been supporting the Palestinians with limited strikes. Hassan Nasrallah, head of Hezbollah, said on Saturday that an Israeli front was operational.

But with at least 70 of the group’s militants, along with numerous Lebanese civilians, having been killed in Israeli counterstrikes, Hezbollah’s tactics have grown to include rockets with 300kg-500kg payloads and kamikaze drones.

On Sunday, Hezbollah said it launched a strike using guided missiles. While doing repairs in a border town, at least two employees of an electrical firm were reportedly injured, according to Israeli reports.

According to the IDF, seven Israeli troops were wounded in a mortar strike. Haifa, an Israeli port city located 27 kilometers (17 miles) from the Lebanese border, has been hit by a missile, setting off alarms in the area. Fortunately, nobody got hurt. The Hamas affiliate in Lebanon took credit for the missile launch.

In retaliation, Israel attacked Hezbollah and other locations in Lebanon with warplanes and artillery fire. All hostilities are blamed on the organization and the administration in Beirut in Israeli eyes. While the Israeli Defense Forces’ attention is on Gaza, Hagari assured that preparations in the north were at a “very high state of preparedness.” and ISIS.

The frontier has not experienced strikes of this scale and ferocity since the 2006 Lebanon conflict.

Several dozen rockets have been fired toward Israeli border communities by Hezbollah and other Palestinian forces.

Hagari said the people of Lebanon will pay the price for Hezbollah’s folly in choosing to protect Hamas.