Israel Reveals True Number Of Hamas Rocket Attacks

An Israeli government spokeswoman reported in a letter to the United Nations on October 15 that Hamas had fired 6,300 rockets against Israel since the terror assault on October 7.

On Sunday, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Amir Weisbrod tweeted his open letter to the United Nations and other international organizations. The letter was written to UNICEF’s Special Representative to the State of Palestine, Her Excellency Lucia Elmi.

The letter stated that terrorists from Hamas have proudly posted videos online in which they can be seen abducting and holding young children as hostages. They have even confessed to the intentional sexual assault of Israeli minors. People of Israeli descent, including babies, have been burnt to death.

According to the letter’s opening paragraph, “Hamas has brutally murdered 1300 Israelis, injured 3360 Israelis, and fired 6,300 rockets at Israel.”

Weisbrod also requested “that Hamas be called out for what it is” and urged UNICEF to “send a clear and unambiguous message condemning these despicable and flagrant crimes against humanity.” Rather than a ‘militant group,’ this is a terrorist outfit in the vein of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS. Simply put, there is zero distinction. He tweeted on Sunday that he was still waiting for his request to be fulfilled.

The number of rockets fired has now surpassed 7,400, according to The Times of Israel.
According to an image published by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), almost 550 of the missiles failed to reach Israel and instead landed in Gaza near the border with Israel. According to an IDF tweet, “the Hamas terrorist group shoots rockets from civilian infrastructure, neighborhoods, and buildings in Gaza,” hurting Palestinian people in the process.

According to analyses of live broadcasts, geolocation data, and other materials by CNN, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, and independent analysis by Canada’s Department of National Defence, a Hamas rocket aimed at Israel misfired and caused the shelling and destruction of the Gazan al-Ahli Hospital on Tuesday. However, Israel was blamed for the bombardment by the Palestinian Authority—reports of casualties from the shelling range from 50 to 500 people.