Iran Issues Threat To Israel Over Ceasefire

Reports show that Iran warned the conflict between Hamas and Israel would spread if the ceasefire is not prolonged.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian made the warning after Israel and Hamas agreed to a four-day Gaza truce on Wednesday.

A deal was made to allow aid into Gaza and the freeing of 150 Palestinians jailed in Israel in exchange for at least 50 hostages held by militants in the Palestinian enclave.

Hamas militants announced the names of the ten captives freed during the brief truce, leaving Israeli families anxious to know whether their children will return home soon.

Israeli legislator Ben Gvir warned that releasing the detainees sets a perilous precedent that might help terrorists. Givr asserted that the arrangement, which frees 150 Palestinians for 50 captives, provides Hamas with everything it wants.

While they wait in agony to learn who will come home, several of the abducted women and children’s relatives say they are happy with the deal.

Two female Israeli captives were reportedly released Thursday after walking past Hamas supporters who were verbally assaulting them in Gaza.

Mia Shem, 21, suffered wounds in the October 7 Hamas terror assault on the Supernova music festival and was held captive. She was compelled to participate in a Hamas propaganda video less than a week after the assault and looked to have received medical care for her wounds, but specifics remained unclear.

A report reveals that a veterinarian treated her arm in Gaza.

Shem met relatives at Hatzerim Air Base in Israel immediately after arriving. Like other prisoners, she had to go past protesting Hamas supporters to reach the Red Cross truck in Palestine Square. The Red Cross, which had done nothing to visit or help the captives, has become a frequent participant in humiliating Israeli detainees after their release.

Another captive freed Thursday was 40-year-old Amit Soussana. A source said her transfer occurred in the same spot as Mia Shem’s, but no video was shown.

According to reports, the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was extended for another seven days, with the caveat that Hamas would free three bodies of Israeli captives in addition to eight Israelis and two Russian-Israelis. None of the deceased have been identified.