Investigators Corner Hillary Clinton, Confront Her On Giant Scandal

( Following a federal court filing from Special Counsel John Durham that reveals how lawyers representing the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign paid a third-party contractor to monitor then-candidate Donald Trump’s communications from Trump Tower, the former First Lady was approached and asked about her involvement in the plan.

The plot, which has long been known as “Spygate” and which has now been confirmed by Special Counsel Durham, also saw the Clinton campaign spying on communications coming from the Trump White House.

Clinton was confronted with questions about the story on Tuesday while walking in New York City, and refused to say a word.

The Daily Mail reported that Clinton “refused to answer questions” about allegations her allies spied on the Trump campaign.

Exclusive footage from the Daily Mail reportedly showed a “stoney faced Clinton silently waving away repeated questions of whether she spied on Donald Trump.”

Take a look for yourself:

Since then, Clinton has gone on to reject the findings of Durham’s extensive, years-long investigation and slammed Trump supporters as “conspiracy theorists.”

A conspiracy theory isn’t typically supported by a special counsel investigation…

According to Durham’s court filing, Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman worked with a tech executive, various employees at big tech companies, and a law firm working for the Clinton campaign to gather “data” from the Trump campaign.

That’s called spying.