Inmates Forced To Share Space With Violent Trans Man

A transgender man who sexually assaulted his 10-year-old daughter has been housed in Wisconsin with female convicts.

Mark Campbell’s rape conviction in 2007 resulted in a 34-year prison sentence. His daughter was ten at the time. After being charged with first-degree sexual assault, he was classified as a “violent sex offender.”

But in 2013, he “felt he was a woman.” He began transitioning to Nicole and taking hormones. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections eventually agreed to classify him as a female following a lengthy legal struggle in which he argued for the right to receive publicly funded transition surgery.

When he first applied in 2013 to have his male organs surgically altered to make him appear more female, he was turned down because he didn’t satisfy the criteria.

The Department of Corrections was served with a lawsuit by Campbell in 2016. He claimed their refusal to allow him to undergo the operation was an Eighth Amendment violation. The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in 2019 that Wisconsin prison officials were not compelled by law to provide additional treatment for Campbell’s gender dysphoria beyond hormone therapy.

According to reports, a federal judge decided in December 2020 that Wisconsin must provide Campbell with publicly funded transition surgery and transfer him to a women’s prison while he waits for the procedure.

According to U.S. District Judge James Peterson, Campbell has suffered emotional distress because the government ignored his gender dysphoria. Fond du Lac Correctional Facility for Women began housing him with female convicts in 2022.

It’s been reported that a transgender Canadian man convicted of raping a child was transferred to a facility for female inmates.

Also, the American Civil Liberties Union has launched a federal lawsuit on behalf of the convicted child killer in Indiana who was denied transgender surgery.