Hunter Biden Brags He Can Get His Father To Do Anything At The White House

( A video taken from a copy of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop shows him bragging about how his father will adopt political positions at his command.

In the Dec. 3, 2018, recording, Biden says of his father, Joe Biden, “He’ll talk about anything that I want him to, that he believes in.”

Hunter says if an issue is important to him, his father will work a way to make it a part of his platform. He said his dad respects him “more than he respects anyone in the world.” He said he “knows that to be certain.”

“All those worries you have about me not being liked by people or not loving myself… That scares me not. Do you know why I don’t worry about that? You know why I don’t fear that? Because the man I most admire in the world, that god to me, thinks I’m a god.”

The 77-minute recording, made five months before Joe Biden’s successful 2020 presidential campaign launched in late April 2019, was edited by Hunter Biden.

The Bidens think of each other like gods, which is both sad and comical. And it wasn’t limited to just the two of them. Hunter said his deceased brother was part of the “god club.”

“My brother also did it. And between the three of us, I truly had the confidence to know I could accomplish anything.”

A password-protected backup of Hunter Biden’s iPhone XS contained a copy of his abandoned laptop that had the recording. The password was discovered during the hard drive’s analysis by Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos, a cyber forensics specialist hired by the Washington Examiner.

In a recorded conversation with British artist Phillipa Horan, Hunter Biden boasted that he was “better than anybody you know” as they talked about Joe Biden’s presidential ambitions.

“How can you be as good as your dad? Is something everyone muses about and discusses. I excel more than my father, “said Hunter Biden. “Do you know why my dad isn’t as good as me? Since I was two years old, my father has told me that I am better than him.”

Near the midst of Hunter Biden’s crack cocaine addiction, the discussion was recorded in a home in Plum Island, Massachusetts.

At one point in the recording, Horan questioned Hunter Biden about what his father had to say about his crack addiction.

Hunter Biden replied, “He says f***ing stop. He is really terrified.”

Horan questioned Hunter Biden on whether his father would address drug reform if he were to win the presidency.

Hunter Biden replied, “He’s going to talk about drug reform and anything else I want him to.

Hunter Biden predicted that his fame would increase if his father were to win the 2020 presidential election and that he and Horan could use that win to leverage an art project they’d been working on together.

He related a private tale Horan had told him “In comparison to my presence, if my dad is elected president of the United States, he will simply be a blip on a radar screen.”

Three days after claiming to have given his father political advice, Hunter Biden asked Google for help making crack cocaine.

He is a god.