Human Remains Found Near the Apartment of Missing Texas Student

The last known day Texas A&M Corpus Christi student Caleb Harris was seen alive was March 4, 2024. He and his roommates played video games all evening, and just after midnight, doorbell footage showed Harris and a few other individuals interacting with a dog.

As one of his roommates was getting ready for bed, Harris informed him that he would be placing an Uber Eats snack order at 2:20 a.m. He was spotted strolling with the dog around his apartment complex.

His snack order was brought by Uber Eats at 3:20 and left outside the apartment door.

When Harris’ roommates saw his truck still in the parking lot and the order still outside the door, they reported him missing at 11 a.m. Harris’s keys and wallet were in the apartment, but his mobile phone was nowhere to be found.

A worker has subsequently found human remains in a well close to Harris’s residence.

A Corpus Christi municipal worker discovered human bones while doing normal maintenance on a 40-foot-deep hole at a wastewater collecting plant. The remains were discovered despite the well having been investigated before.

It’s possible that the bones were washed into the well from another area by recent severe rains; how long they were in the well before being found is also unknown

Furthermore, it is uncertain if the remains were the consequence of malicious intent or a tragic mishap.

The remains were removed by the Corpus Christi Police Department and taken to the medical examiner’s office for examination after being assisted by the city’s fire department. The medical examiner was unable to identify the remains or ascertain the cause or method of death right away because of the advanced state of decomposition. In order to determine whether or not the remains are Harris’, they are currently being transferred to the University of North Texas Center for Human Identification for DNA analysis.