Hollywood Mogul’s Son Charged With Murdering In-Laws

Sam Haskell IV, a Hollywood heir, has been accused of the murders of his wife, Mei Haskell, and her parents in Los Angeles. Mei Haskell, 37, was the presumed victim whose beheaded remains were found. She was the mother of his three children and the daughter of Goashan Li, age 72, and Yanxiang Wang, age 64, who have yet to be located.

Three counts of murder have been filed against the 35-year-old son of a film producer and a beauty queen actress, with the additional special circumstance accusation that the killings were conducted in conjunction with one another. On Monday, he hardly spoke in court as the judge ordered that no photos of his face be taken. He was shackled, with long hair, and donning a suicide prevention vest when the court asked him whether he knew what was going on.

With homemade placards reading “We Miss Mei” and “Justice for Mei Today!” his wife’s friends showed up in court. Weeping could be heard from the crowd during the hearing. Haskell will remain in jail until his next court date on December 8 after the judge denied his request for release.

Police nabbed Haskell in Canoga Park at a mall on Thursday, hours after being summoned to Encino, where investigators claimed a homeless man found a woman’s decapitated remains wrapped in plastic. She was dumped in a bank parking lot. Surveillance footage from the previous day shows a skinny man attempting to throw something into a dumpster while standing on the bumper of an SUV.

Haskell’s house was searched twice last week by the police. The first time, a crew of day laborers said they’d been requested to remove several heavy, wet sacks. Officers arrived but discovered nothing and had to abandon the location.

According to LAPD Detective Efren Gutierrez’s press conference on Thursday, they returned to the scene with a search warrant and discovered blood and other evidence.

After the sentencing, District Attorney George Gascon issued a statement saying, “These appalling and horrible acts have sent shockwaves through our community.” “In this unbearably trying time, we stand with the families of the victims and pledge to do all in our power to see that justice is done.”