Hillary Clinton’s Daughter Has Blacklisted Kanye West Over Marriage Feud

(PresidentialHill.com)- Chelsea Clinton, a former first child, acknowledged removing Kanye West songs from her iPod to support his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

She claimed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that she removed Kanye West from her playlist even though she frequently listened to it while running because of “the way” he handled Kim Kardashian after their divorce.

She said she had to let go of Kanye. She finds it appalling how he has spoken about women and how he has treated Kim Kardashian.

“Those songs were some of my favorites while jogging. And I deleted it from my music collection.”

How brave. And we wouldn’t know of this bravery had she not virtue-signaled to the world.

Since February 2021, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been through a tough divorce. Before the divorce was officially finalized, she started dating Saturday Night Live actor Pete Davidson, which led to a full-blown public spat. The conflict got so heated that Kanye West featured himself in one of his music videos, burying a claymation version of Davidson.

After her contentious divorce from the rapper, Kim Kardashian was officially declared single by Los Angeles judge Steve Cochran in March of this year. According to reports, Cochran questioned Kardashian about her marriage, asking whether there had been issues, conflicts, or disagreements. And “Are you interested in becoming a single person?”

All received a “Yes.”

Kardashian and Davidson broke up earlier this month after the comedian allegedly sought “trauma treatment” to deal with Kanye West’s widespread abuse.

Davidson claims he has “been away from social media” as a result of West’s repeated attacks, an insider has said. The comedian briefly enabled his Instagram during his engagement with Kardashian, but he has since deactivated it.

According to the insider, Davidson “has been in trauma therapy largely because of Kanye.”

He should have simply deleted Kanye from his iPod.

Chelsea Clinton stated that she has “always admired Kim’s devotion to criminal justice reform” in the same interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“I was aware that she attended law school,” said Chelsea.

Yes, and her mommy was recently beaten badly by Kim in a law knowledge contest. That is pretty damn embarrassing.