Hillary Clinton Under Fire For Sharing Photo Defending Scandalized World Leader

(PresidentialHill.com)- iOTWreport reports that Hillary Clinton is standing up for Sanna Marin, the party-loving prime minister of Finland, by recalling her own controversy from her time in office and advising her to “keep dancing” in the face of criticism.

The defeated Democratic presidential candidate awkwardly connected 36-year-old Marin to an old snapshot from when she made news for tearing up the dance floor and downing a beer while representing the US ten years ago.

After the VI Summit of the Americas in 2012, Clinton posted a photo of herself in Cartagena, Colombia, while she was there for a meeting in her capacity as Secretary of State.

The encouraging former first lady tweeted, “Keep dancing, @marinsanna.”
More than 150,000 people liked her post, including the president of Finland, but many saw it as a desperate attempt for the largely humiliated Hillary to stay relevant.

Nobody wanted to see those pictures again. The Finnish president is a good-looking woman. Hillary hitching her wagon to her as if the situations are comparable is ridiculous. The most significant difference is that Marin is a president. Hillary is a 2-time loser and has also been two-timed multiple times by her philandering husband.

With opponents speculating that Marin was under the influence of drugs after seeing footage of her dancing erratically, the 36-year-old head of state of Finland has come under increasing pressure. She is one of the youngest presidents of state in the world.

Other leaks depicted the married mother entertaining topless influencers at her official summer home and dancing with an unidentified male.

Last week, she cried as she apologized, saying, “I am also human.”

The prime minister also disclosed that she had a drug test to demonstrate her sobriety. The test yielded negative results.

Some Finns advised Clinton to stay out of Finnish politics and “take care of US domestic matters” instead.

“Well, dear Hillary and Marin, is this the right moment to dance and party,” another critic remarked. In my opinion, no. The entire world is disintegrating. Or, is that the reason why you celebrate?”