Hillary Clinton Makes Cheeky Comment After Super Bowl

To congratulate Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce on his team’s Super Bowl triumph, former presidential candidate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called him “Taylor’s boyfriend,” a reference to pop sensation Taylor Swift.

Born and raised in Chicago and proudly identified as a Cubs fan, Clinton solidified her place in sports fan history in 1999 during a White House visit with the New York Yankees, donning a cap presented to her by Joe Torre, the team’s manager. In her autobiography “Living History,” Clinton said that her affection for Mickey Mantle led her to choose the Yankees as her American League favorite.

In the past, Clinton has spoken out on sports disputes and debates, such as the 2017 NFL players’ decision to kneel during the national anthem. Somewhat unexpectedly, she weighed in on the celebrity couple, giving a shout-out on X, alluding to Kelce’s romance with Swift. Internet users were divided about the message. Some saw amusement in the remark, while others thought it was too undignified to have been made by anything other than a spoof account.

Super Bowl 2024 saw the Kansas City Chiefs emerge as winners over the—San Francisco 49ers (Travis Kelce’s team). The Chiefs prevailed over the 49ers in overtime, 25-22, and pop star Taylor Swift couldn’t contain her happiness. And the networks couldn’t contain showing her on-screen much too often for people who have grown weary of the constant coverage.

At the stadium following the Chiefs’ huge victory, the pair kissed and hugged each other. Images and videos of the couple’s passionate embrace and kissing on the field went viral, endearing to fans and eye-rolling to detractors.

Henry Winkler’s granddaughter shared a similar Hillary joke. She was spotted wearing a shirt that said, “World’s Biggest Fan of Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend’s Team.”

Another little Swiftie expressed the same sentiment in a viral video while watching the Chiefs in cute cheerleading gear. Her choice of football player, she said— “Taylor Swift.”