Heated Exchange Turns Ugly On Fox News

(PresidentialHill.com)- Last week, Fox Business host Neil Cavuto and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer clashed over whether President Biden’s radical agenda will only make inflation worse. And Hoyer got especially touchy when Cavuto tried to discuss polling that showed the majority of Democrats don’t want Biden to run again in 2024.

When Cavuto challenged him on moving forward with Biden’s climate agenda at a time when inflation is over 9 percent, Hoyer’s lame rebuttal was to cite the unemployment rate and the so-called “creation” of 8.9 million jobs.

For the record, no jobs have been “created.” Jobs lost during the COVID lockdowns are being restored, but we still haven’t returned to where we were pre-lockdown.

Hoyer then claimed that it is the Democrats who have “responsible answers” to fix the economy, which is downright hilarious when you think about it.

Cavuto then brought up the elephant in the room, asking Hoyer if Joe Biden should run for reelection in light of his advancing age.

Hoyer, who is older than Biden, avoided the question, saying he wasn’t going to talk about 2024, only the “issues of today.”

But Cavuto pressed on, noting that even a majority of Democrat voters don’t want Biden to run again.

Knowing this topic is not helpful to the Democrats, Hoyer snapped “Stop interrupting me” and demanded Cavuto let him speak.

Hoyer then blamed the supply chain issues on COVID.

When Cavuto pointed out that massive government spending fueled rising inflation, Hoyer denied it. He claimed that 50 percent of the world has higher inflation than the US and laughably claimed the reason their inflation is supposedly worse is that they didn’t pass a bill like the American Rescue Plan.

Hoyer also laughably claimed that Congress passing the multi-trillion dollar “Build Back Better” bill will “combat inflation.”