Haley Suffers Major Blow After Donors Pull Out

According to the aides of political megadonors, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley’s campaign was financially devastated after losing the New Hampshire Republican primary. The donor class promptly severed all future ties with her.

Haley’s chances of staying in the race seem to be dwindling due to the desertion. After Trump’s stunning wins in  New Hampshire and Iowa, Haley’s financial supporters seem to have realized they made a mistake.

Democrat and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman halted contributions to political action committees that supported Haley.  He said that in the beginning, he bet on Governor Haley because he felt she might win. Hoffman advisor Dmitri Mehlhorn told a financial outlet that he would need fresh evidence before believing that further funding might aid her victory at this time.

Reports show the former governor of South Carolina also lost financial backing from metal billionaire Andy Sabin.

One political megadonor advisor said that Haley should anticipate her financial woes to only get worse. The advisor said that Haley lacks the necessary momentum to win South Carolina.

Trump ratcheted up the pressure on Haley’s contributors to cut ties with her when he announced recently on Truth Social that if anybody made a contribution to “Birdbrain,” they would be permanently excluded from the MAGA campaign.

Once Trump won New Hampshire, it seemed like the donor class lost control of the Republican Party’s election process. Following Trump’s humiliation of Haley in New Hampshire, the donor class lost control of the Republican Party, according to left-leaning media, which called them a helpless collection of spectators.

Against Trump, the donor class spent over $167 million in New Hampshire and Iowa. But the people rooting for Haley could not even come close to denying Trump his overwhelming triumph.  Even in New Hampshire, pro-Haley forces squandered $31 million, putting her in second place.   In both states, Trump only spent $34.1 million.

The results from New Hampshire show the Republican Party, which includes Bush, Cheney, and Romney, is about to undergo a period of mourning, according to The New York Times. It explained that the donors, who had a disproportionate influence on the party in the past, are now helpless observers.