Grand Jury Forewoman’s Interview Just Made The Case For Trump Even Stronger 

( In a move even some among the anti-Trump Resistance believe could derail any chance of former President Donald Trump being indicted, the forewoman of the Georgia special grand jury investigating Trump for possible election interference made several media appearances last week in which she laughed about participating in the panel and hinted of possible indictments. 

Emily Kohrs, who was elected the forewoman of the grand jury empaneled by Fulton County DA Fani Willis, went on a media blitz last Tuesday, granting interviews to the Associated Press, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and the New York Times, as well as appearing on CNN and MSNBC, where she basked in the attention the outlets afforded her. 

In her interview with the Journal-Constitution, Kohrs marveled at the level of media attention she has received “over the last several hours.” 

Describing Kohrs as “high energy,” the Journal-Constitution said that when the loose-lipped forewoman responded to Trump’s call for “total exoneration,” she “rolled her eyes” and “burst out laughing.” 

During her interview on CNN, she bemoaned the judge’s decision to redact some sections of the grand jury report, claiming she has “better judgment than the judge.” 

She told CNN that after all the time she spent on the grand jury, it would be “sad” if nothing happened to Trump. 

Kohrs told MSNBC that she wishes she had been able to personally subpoena the former president, saying that would have been an “awesome moment.” 

Whatever her reasons for agreeing to the interviews, some legal experts fear that any hopes the Fulton County DA had in bringing indictments in the case could be dashed by Kohrs’ reckless media blitz, according to ABC News. 

ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams said Kohrs should not be giving interviews, arguing that doing so is harmful to the “perception of the objectivity of the criminal justice system.” 

Abrams told ABC News that in granting interviews, it appears that Kohrs is attempting to pressure the District Attorney’s office to “move forward with charges.”