GOP Ready To Investigate Hunter Biden When It Takes Power

( In light of new emails and videos unearthed from a laptop that President Joe Biden’s son Hunter left at a Delaware computer repair shop, Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., said on Wednesday that Republicans in Congress are “ready to retake the gavel” and look into the matter.

Comer, a member of the House Oversight Committee, stated on the “Chris Salcedo Show” that the Democrats dominate the committee hearings because they’re in the majority. Still, Republicans are well prepared to regain the gavel, ideally after the midterm elections in January.

The Kentucky representative said they’re still gathering information, and he’s startled by how much of it now clearly demonstrates that Joe Biden was aware of many of the questionable business dealings and shady business figures that Hunter allied himself with.

The material on the laptop, according to Comer, “evidences” that Hunter and his father, who was the vice president at the time, were closely connected, sharing bank accounts and business connections all around the world, including in China and Ukraine.

Comer noted the video where Hunter said his father would “do anything” for him. He believes that by that point, we have heard the sales pitch that Hunter Biden would deliver to the Chinese Communist Party, the Ukrainian energy companies, and the Russian billionaires. When Joe Biden served as vice president, Hunter Biden had business dealings with these unsavory organizations.

Comer claimed that by giving Hunter access to the same account and enabling him to make deposits and write checks on his father’s behalf, Joe Biden may have broken federal banking regulations.

He said he believes this is an ethics violation in and of itself, as the vice president of the United States is on an account that he never publicly revealed in his financial disclosure form. He also signed alongside Hunter Biden on a few memos and accounts, with his name appearing on a few. A number of these accounts are against federal banking regulations.

According to Comer, 150 reports of “suspicious behavior” have been made against a number of Hunter Biden’s checking accounts.

He added that they’ve already shown that 150 suspicious activity reports were submitted under several Hunter Biden checking accounts. Joe Biden was involved in several of these accounts, which is very significant.