GOP May Be Able To Win Some Blue Seats After All

( According to a recent poll, Republicans may be in an excellent position to win several statewide contests in typically red Minnesota.

According to a survey of 1,079 prospective general election voters by Alpha News and the Trafalgar Group, Republican candidate for governor Scott Jensen is in striking distance of Tim Walz, who is now the governor of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL). The race for secretary of state is similarly close between Republicans and Democrats, while they lead in the contests for attorney general and state auditor.

Walz and lieutenant governor candidate Peggy Flanagan have a slim 47.7% to 45% lead over Jensen and lieutenant governor candidate Matt Birk in the campaign for governor. The poll discovered that 4.9% of voters are still undecided, and the difference is within the 2.9% margin of error.

Republican Kim Crockett is barely one point behind DFL Secretary of State Steve Simon in the fight for the position, 46.2% to 45.2%, with 8.5% of voters still undecided. Ryan Wilson, a Republican, is slightly ahead of Julie Blaha, a DFL incumbent, in the contest for state auditor, 42.3% to 41.2%, with 10.8% of voters remaining undecided.

According to the survey, Republicans are most likely to succeed in flipping a seat in the contest for state attorney general. Jim Schultz, a Republican, is ahead of incumbent Keith Ellison, a Democrat, 49.3% to 45.7%. Only 4.9% of voters are still unsure.

The poll revealed that Joe Biden’s approval ratings in the state are below average. Just 43.4% of voters approved of Biden’s handling of the president, compared to 54.3% who disapproved. The majority of respondents, 49.2%, indicated they strongly disapproved of Biden, while only 22.8% strongly approved. Voters also had negative feelings about Biden.

Voters were also asked to rank the state’s most pressing issue in the poll. By a wide margin, voters ranked “reducing crime and ensuring violent criminals stay off the street” as the most crucial topic, followed by “developing the economy and creating jobs,” which received 21.6% of the vote.

With 18.1% of the vote, “ensuring that abortion is still accessible and available in Minnesota” ranked as the most crucial issue to voters. Since 1971, a Democrat has not held the position of attorney general in Minnesota. Joe Biden’s approval ratings in the state are also poor. Voters disapproved of Biden’s handling of the president by 54.3% to 43.4%. 49.2% of respondents strongly disapproved of Biden, while 22.8% approved.

Voters chose “cutting crime and keeping dangerous criminals off the street” as their most important concern.