Google Made “Shady Deals” With EU To Hide Information

( A high-up official at the United Nations has admitted that the group worked directly with Google to make sure that resources related to climate change that the UN wanted to push would appear at the top of search results in the world’s most popular search engine.

Melissa Fleming, the secretary for Global Communications at the UN, tried to justify these actions recently by saying that Google and other platforms routinely do this as a way to ensure the “correct science” was what was being promoted when people enter specific search terms.

Fleming told the World Economic Forum during an interview that the UN was ultimately shocked at how much “incredibly distorted” posts there were about climate change that Google featured. This, of course, was before the UN struck the deal with Google directly to basically alter search results based on their liking.

As Fleming explained:

“We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do.”

Back in April, the UN announced that it was partnering with Google so that it could push “authoritative” information on the climate to all internet users who enter a search for “climate change” into Google. This was all being done, the UN said, to fight “misinformation” that’s being posted online.

In addition to producing its standard search engine results, Google would also feature various information panels about the effects and causes of climate change, also providing people with specific actions they could take to “tackle the climate crisis.”

While Google and the UN might be taking this situation lightly, there are many people and other organizations that are not. The Internet Accountability Project is one of those in the latter category. The group’s founder and president, Mike Davis, recently spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation and said:

“This is the latest example of Big Tech colluding with their liberal allies in government to stifle dissent and promote their radical social agenda. Google has a monopoly on search, so this will have a real impact as consumers don’t have viable alternatives.”

This isn’t the first direct action Google has taken to push specific scientific claims about climate change.

Back in October of 2021, both Google and its social media video platform YouTube instituted a new policy that removes all ads on content that effectively denies what the scientific consensus is about climate change. In doing so, the company said the policy was necessary because their advertisers don’t want the products they are pushing associated with any content that promotes what they called “climate denial.”

This is dangerous stuff, as Marc Morano told the DCNF. Morano is a former senior staffer for a senator who served on the Environment & Public Works Committee, and who’s currently the publisher of Climate Depot. As he explained:

“The public health bureaucracy and the ‘climate community’ have become political lobbying organizations, and they are using ‘The Science’ to support their preferred policies.”

And Davis added:

“These shady deals between tech monopolies like Google and corrupt government organizations like the United Nations to stomp out dissenting opinions make the need for Congress to pass antitrust reforms all the more necessary.”