Giant Fart Interrupts “The View”

( A giant fart interrupted “The View” last week as the panel attempted to discuss the latest classified documents found with former Vice President Mike Pence, according to The Daily Mail.

The incident began when former Trump associate and former press secretary for Pence Alyssa Farah Griffin began to speak about the documents found at Pence’s home. The documents were found after the recent discovery of President Biden’s possession of classified documents in his office in the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement and his Delaware home, according to American Pigeon.

But the topic barely began when host Whoopi Goldberg pointed to a puddle of water near co-host Sara Haines, which caused her to move over her chair. Suddenly, a loud noise is heard.

Griffin attempts to carry on like nothing happened but soon laughs awkwardly. The other hosts are unfazed by the situation. In 2014, a similar situation, dubbed “fart-gate,” occurred in a more lighthearted fashion. A fart could be heard in the studio as the hosts talked about flu shots and Goldberg seized the moment.

“Excuse me, oh oh,” Goldberg said standing up with her hands in the air. The other hosts followed suit.

“That’s the flu shot, that’s what it does to you,” Ashanti said.

Chaos and hilarity are common occurrences on the show. Last year, Joy Behar recently face-planted in front of an audience while she was taking the stage. The video circulated on social media with one user commenting that it was “the absolute best episode of the View ever.” Another called it “a great moment in television history.”

The show, formerly hosted by Wendy Williams, has been making headlines recently as the panel frequently discusses politics, often criticizing conservatives. The hosts recently tried to distinguish between Trump and Biden’s possession of classified documents, arguing that the situation was completely different and will be used by the right for their narrative.