Ghislaine Maxwell Denied Another Trial

( After pushing for a retrial, Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction for sex trafficking and aiding dead millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein will remain in place – and it could mean that Virginia Giuffre, one of the most famous Epstein accusers, will make a court statement.

When Giuffre sued Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, she alleged that both Maxwell and Epstein forced her to have sex with the son of Queen Elizabeth II in a New York property in the early 2000s. That case ended this year in an undisclosed settlement between Giuffre and the Duke of York.

But in December of last year, Maxwell was convicted as part of a separate, criminal case. Maxwell was convicted on five out of six counts of trafficking young girls and women for Epstein to engage in sex with. Giuffre was not in any way involved with the case, but her attorney, Sigrid McCawley, suggested in December of 2021 that there may come a time when Giuffre gives a statement to the court and the press about Maxwell’s sentencing.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph last year, McCawley said that she anticipates the would be a “lot of testimony from many, many other women who were not able to be heard at the trial.” McCawley said that she believes Judge Nathan will allow these women, including Giuffre, to give statements to the court as Maxwell’s sentence is determined.

Newsweek suggested this week that, with the confirmation that Maxwell won’t be subject to a new trial – after juror Scotty David revealed to the press that he had experienced sexual abuse despite claiming on the juror questionnaire that he hadn’t – that it’s now extremely likely that Giuffre will offer a testimony to help the judge determine Maxwell’s fate.

We don’t know how long Maxwell will spend in prison – but Giuffre’s testimony will probably ensure that it’s more than appropriate.