George W. Bush Desperately Tries To Prop Up Establishment Elitist Republicans Trump Is Knocking Down

( The Establishment always circles the wagons to protect its own. So this news is only going to come as a surprise if you’ve been living under a rock for the last twenty years.

Former President George W. Bush paid the maximum $2,900 to both Liz Cheney’s primary and general election campaign committees.

See? Not at all surprising. Of course, George W. Bush supports Liz Cheney. It would be more shocking if we learned he didn’t.

But Liz isn’t the only America Last Republican George W. is coughing up campaign contributions to.

Alaska “Republican” Senator Lisa Murkowski also received the maximum $2,900 donation from W. for her primary campaign against America First Republican Kelly Tshibaka.

It was reported last week that Utah’s nominal Republican Senator Mitt Romney will be joining Liz Cheney at a fundraising reception in March. Most of the other Establishment people on the guest list are George W. Bush alums, including Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney, Ted Olson, Michael Chertoff, and Miguel Estrada.

And is this fundraising event in Wyoming? Of course not. It’s being held in Virginia at the home of two wealthy, well-connected anti-Trump Republicans: Bobbie and Bill Kilberg. Proof of vaccination is required.

The gleeful corporate news media can’t stop crowing about how much campaign cash both Liz Cheney and Lisa Murkowski are raking in compared to their challengers. They think it’s “proof” that Cheney and Murkowski are wildly popular.

They are wildly popular, just not among their voters.

The state responsible for Liz Cheney’s biggest financial haul isn’t Wyoming. It’s California, followed by Virginia, New York, Florida, Texas, and Washington DC.

Wyoming, the state Cheney allegedly represents, is in seventh place.

George W. Bush isn’t the only Bushie to cough up the dough for Cheney. Brother Jeb! has donated $3,000 to Liz’s reelection so far this cycle.

On Friday, the Republican National Committee plans to move forward with a resolution to censure Cheney and her mini-me Adam Kinzinger for their conduct on the bogus January 6 select committee. And, according to Politico, it is likely to be approved.

While the resolution rebukes the two grandstanding Pelosi clones, it stops short of expelling them from the party. However, the censure could clear the way for the RNC to treat Cheney’s Republican primary challenger Harriet Hageman as the party-supported candidate, allowing the RNC to transfer much-needed funds into Hageman’s campaign.