George Soros Uses Putin As Excuse To Focus On Leftist “Climate” Policies

( Climate change, not Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, should be the world’s priority, according to notorious billionaire globalist George Soros, who claimed last week that climate change is on the point of becoming irreversible.

All of this is why, he continued, Vladimir Putin must be defeated so that attention may be returned to the future of our planet, lest we all be led into a third world war.

According to reports, Soros, speaking at a private, invitation-only dinner in Davos, Switzerland, bemoaned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing a slew of unintended effects. He claimed concerns like pandemics, climate change, and averting nuclear catastrophe have had to take a back seat. Soros told the media that is why he believes civilization will perish. He then spoke about the future of the planet and the necessity to preserve our civilization. He claimed scientists have warned that we have already slipped behind and that climate change is on the edge of becoming irreversible.

Ninety-one-year-old Soros isn’t the only one who pushes climate change alarmism.
The assault on Ukraine by Russia, according to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, would undoubtedly have serious consequences for global warming objectives. Guterres told the media that any rush to fossil fuels is “madness,” and humanity’s addiction to fossil fuels is mutually guaranteed doom.

Reports show that Billionaire George Soros also targeted Beijing, China which is allegedly dealing with the largest Covid-19 epidemic it has seen since early 2020. In his address at Davos last week, Soros complained that China’s continued lockdowns have had terrible implications, driving the Chinese economy into freefall since March.

Earlier in May, Chinese President Xi Jinping convened a conference of top officials, emphasizing the importance of the country’s “dynamic zero-Covid” policy and warning of economic repercussions if it is not followed. According to state media, the leaders urged the country to unite behind the decisions of the Chinese Communist Party’s central committee and to resist any criticism of virus control efforts.

Sounds like a fun crowd.