George Soros Is Buying Radio Ads To Swing Prosecutor Race

( There is no city or state that is safe from billionaire leftist George Soros’ ongoing mission to install radical left pro-criminal prosecutors. It isn’t just big deep-blue cities that Soros is targeting.

It was reported last week that Soros is funding ads to air on the Little Rock-area radio stations in support of a candidate running for prosecuting attorney in Arkansas’ 6th Judicial Circuit.

The candidate, Alicia Walton, denies receiving any campaign contributions from George Soros, which is a slippery response. Soros funds PACs that then run ads in support of a specific candidate.

Walton also claimed that she was unaware that the ads were running, telling a local news outlet that she had been so focused on her campaign, that she hadn’t had time to listen to the radio, so she wasn’t aware that this PAC was running ads.

The ads in question are paid for by Arkansas Justice & Public Safety PAC which received $321,000 from George Soros. The PAC’s ad for Walton claims that she will promote “one standard of justice” and supports “reforms to make our communities stronger.”

But if she is being promoted by a PAC taking money from George Soros, it is more likely that the “reforms” Alicia Walton will implement will put criminals back on the streets and tie the hands of police while refusing to prosecute crimes in the name of “equity.”

Walton’s challenger, Will Jones blasted Arkansas Justice & Public Safety, which he described as a group that promotes “defund-the-police” and “soft on crime” prosecutors.

Despite having “Arkansas” in its name, the PAC is run by Washington DC resident Whitney Tymas who is the director of a group called Black Women Forward Action Fund.

Arkansas Republicans are making the most of the Soros connection. In a recent mass email, the Arkansas GOP noted that crime increases in areas where Soros-funded prosecutors “reign,” raising the alarm that Soros is backing “soft on crime Alicia Walton.”