Gender Clinic Referred Thousands Of Kids For Controversial Surgeries Instead of Shutting Down As Order

( UK doctors continue to refer thousands of children to the gender identity clinic at Tavistock in London despite the National Health Service (NHS) ordering the clinic to shut down in July, the UK Sunday Times reported. 

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust was ordered to shut down the gender clinic after an internal review revealed that clinic doctors were instructed to “affirm” a child’s gender identity unquestioningly. In August, a clinical nurse at Tavistock revealed that the clinic’s operations were being inordinately influenced by transgender activists. 

But according to Sunday Times, despite the shutdown order, the gender identity clinic is still treating one thousand children with puberty blocks, including children under the age of 16. Additionally, another 8,000 children remain on the waiting list for the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS). 

The Tavistock gender clinic is reportedly still waiting for the NHS to issue a 6-month notice to close, which means the clinic could remain open until August 2023. 

The NHS plans to open two new clinics this spring that would work with children’s hospitals to offer support for children struggling with gender dysphoria. The new clinics will focus on mental health services and general practice. 

In a statement to the Daily Caller, the NHS said the new phase of the Tavistock clinic’s operations is progressing “as quickly as possible.” 

According to the statement, the decision to close down the clinic’s GIDS “in a planned and managed way” was based on “advice from the Independent Cass review” which made it clear that “gender services” for children must be led by “specialist children’s hospitals.” 

The children’s hospitals participating are located in London and Manchester. 

A Tavistock clinic source told the Sunday Times that there has been no suggestion that the clinic will take puberty blockers “off the table” under the new NHS services.