France’s President Snubs Joe Biden On The Global Stage

According to a report, Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, said over the weekend that the European Union (EU) does not want to get involved in problems that are not theirs. He also claimed that he was determined to reduce Europe’s reliance on the United States in order to prevent Europe from being embroiled in a fight between the United States and China.

The words were a big blow to the Biden administration, and they were reported by Politico, which made a strange statement about its conversation with the French President.  Previously, Politico said that international partners would react badly to a Trump presidency, but the most serious foreign policy difficulties have come up under Biden.

Taiwan, which is democratic and self-ruled, is viewed as part of China’s territory by the CCP,  and China has promised to one day seize control of Taiwan by force if this becomes necessary.

Beijing quickly started extensive military drills surrounding the island after Macron left for France, including simulated attacks on its soil. This was in response to Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen’s talks with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy the previous week.


Reports reveal that President Macron has been a strong supporter of strategic sovereignty in Europe for a long time. This would mean that the European Union would become more integrated militarily. Macron says these plans would make the EU a third superpower to compete with the US and China.

Brexit supporters like Nigel Farage, who cautioned in 2015 that Europe planned to split off and start its own international military forces, made this point repeatedly.

The Chinese communist government supports European Strategic Autonomy because it undermines U.S. dominance in the world. While Europe and the US seem naturally allied, Biden’s foreign policy incompetence has led to a pivot in which a more independent Europe has undermined the strategic pull of the United States.

Marcon advises Europe to prevent becoming America’s followers.